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The human survival mobile game under the end of the virus.


"The Day After tomorrow" - the human survival mobile game under the end of the virus

(It is a Chinese version of the game. The English version will be released soon. Please stay tuned.)

The world we live in is actually just a sealed box. The ever-expanding frontiers of science and technology bring more unknown dangers; more and more convenient means of transportation allow viruses to spread around. When the devastating virus sweeps across the country, the order and the contract collapse, and where should you go?

  - Keep hope and survival will

 Under the ravages of the virus, the familiar world has become stranger. Diseases, hunger, cold, infected people and organizations with unknown intentions threaten the lives of survivors at all times, and dangers are everywhere. Be sure to stay calm and believe that there is always a solution.

  - Use everything to live

The towns where the infected people are rampant, the mines that have been abandoned for a long time, the universities with the broken walls, the cold white trees and highlands... Explore every corner of the last days, collect and use all scarce living resources. Collect, hunt, and cook to fill your stomach; make medicines and weapons to protect yourself.

 - Encounter more survivors

When you go out to scavenge, you will encounter more survivors.

In this last age, you need to be wary of unpredictable people, beware of others attacking you for survival; of course, you can share food, materials, ammunition, and your adventure stories with them.

 - build the last refuge

Partner with a trusted partner, looking for a peaceful place to camp, build a brick and tile, and build the last place for human habitation. On a long cold night, gather at the campfire and embrace each other.

Alive, together!


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1.24 GB

The Day After Tomorrow 1.0.102 APK

Released on: 17 December 2018
Version: 1.0.102 (102)
APK File size: 1.24 GB
Requires Android: Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich (API 14)
Targeted Android: Android 4.4+ Kitkat (API 19)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 75d48bba84e0b746fa5000c40db1151e6714f057
Fingerprint SHA-256: 169faffa1501f146e91cfc107f5b27592081fec88f42e3f06035a0be65c4fde0
File SHA-1: 305067360ea5ea8576faacf43b3988c183451483


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