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Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie

  • v1.70 For Android
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Online zombie survival with cooperative gameplay

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The survival game Prey Day is set in a post apocalyptic world: in 2033 the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the humans.

Prey Day - online survival game which takes place in the huge city of apocalyptic world. An unknown virus destroyed a large part of the population, leaving only a handful of survivors. Most of the inhabitants turned into zombies or mutated under the influence of the virus. Among the labyrinth of empty streets, the survivors fortify camps to resist zombie hordes and sneak outside to find relatives and discover the cause of the infection.

You are one of the few survivors whose destiny is directly related to these events. Deal with hunger and thirst, look for the survivors' camps, build your own shelter from the gathered materials. Investigate the causes of infection by completing the quests. Explore into the darkest corners of the City to craft unique armor and weapons. Build vehicles that will grant access to hard-to-reach areas.

Enter into confrontation with other survivors, greedy for the loot you carry. Unite with other players in online zones to fight back zombies and other players hiding in the streets hunting for easy prey. Gather your friends to go together to the most dangerous parts of the City.

The world of Prey Day is a whole city, destroyed by a wave of infection. It is populated by other survivors - the real players. You can communicate with any player you meet, join them in a group or fight against them to take their loot.

Unite with other players in a powerful clan, opening access to clan locations, where you will find rare items and unlock new craft. Together with your clan you can clean an abandoned military bunker from monsters, establish a clan base in it, and start real military actions on the streets.

You can craft new weapons and equipment from various items collected on your journey. Crafting skills will allow you to build your own shelter and protect it from other players with traps!

By completing quests or simply exploring Harbortown, you will plunge into a whole series of adventures, going down to the city subway, traveling to the mountains and national parks on the edge of the city.

Prey Day is difficult to survive - it's a dangerous world full of players who may have different goals and methods of survival. Communicate, unite, oppose and destroy competitors - in the best traditions of MMO and RPG games!



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Android 4.1
Released on
6 April 2018
Updated on
28 March 2019

What's New

Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie v1.70 Update

– Players can now gain skills that increase damage, amount of resources, and many other things.
– Added new event location: Runaway.
– You can now drop supplies on the ground, which can later be picked by members of your group or clan.
– Crafting time can now be reduced by 1 hour by watching ad video.
– Added bonus for hideout level 4: +1 basic workbench.
– Improved loot generation in raids for crates that are hard to reach.
– Your clanmates now have "online" indicator.
– Various bug fixes.

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Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie 1.70 APK

Released on: 29 March 2019
Version: 1.70 (70)
APK File size: 86.31 MB
OBB File size: 332.84 MB (includes APK size)
Requires Android: Android 4.1+ Jelly Bean (API 16)
Targeted Android: Android 8.1+ Oreo (API 27)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 9846d3236b4225befae4aca5bbe580d59b4c6bfd
Fingerprint SHA-256: c3187eed4e07c064a96f7030f21a5965578ba6e16e201719f944377146be9e65
File SHA-1: ea9ffbafb4110285c065e565e80b4b17901e3e31

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Prey Day: Survival - Craft & Zombie V1.61 APK
Released on: 7 February 2019


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