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Lucid Dream Adventure - Story Point & Click Game

  • v1.0.5 For Android
  • Dali Games: adventure point and click fairy tales
  • Adventure
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Story mode adventure game for free, point & click where you solve mystery


If you like mysterious adventure point and click games, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Lucid Dream Adventure is a free classical point and click, full of riddles, crazy plot twist and puzzle games. The story is filled with dark intrigue and symbolism of dream interpretation. This thriller will lead you through vivid universe of dream. Are you ready for the journey through the limbo of fate?

● Nominated to Indie Prize Award and Pixel Heaven Award
● Four free chapters, full of mini games and escape rooms
● Full of symbols and devious characters
● addictive story mode
● Countless secrets, hidden artefacts
● Game is free - ABSOLUTELY FREE
● Each chapter with its own soundtrack - great music
● Easy controls - designed for pocket / mobile devices
● Different challenges to complete
● Amazing animations and HD graphics

Epic story you will never forget:

Main character is Lucy - little girl, who sets out on expedition into the scary labyrinth of dream. She must become an adult to fight for her dying mother. Check whether the karma will be kind to her. This epic fairytale will lead her through colorful landscape of destiny. During her mission, little Lucy will encounter spooky spirit, the king of the fantasy forest, Mr. Moon, a Watchmaker of Light, Mr. Beaver, creepy psychiatrist Dr. Frank and many more fun characters.

Locations that will enchant you:

● dark apartment with strange puzzle quest to solve
● star roofs with weird riddle on them
● abandoned planet with well of fortune
● cemetery inhabited by evil angel

Characters that interact with you:

● mysterious crow
● ancient Isis, Hypnos and Tara and their surreal games
● Friendly Mr. Moon and Mr. Beaver who is in his silent age
● wicked dream interpreter - Oneiromenacer
● Monkey of the Magic Forest

Riddles that will amuse you:

● discover the wilderness of the fantasy forest
● smash strong dark souls haunting Lucy’s mom
● prepare for a combat with the evil demon
● find a scrap of magic glass to repair the mirror portal
● fly the kite into the dark night
● burn the doll to drown out creepy sounds
● discover miracles of ancient Greece and meet God himself
● collect magic mushrooms to help flying elephant
● fight the storm of the mental horror
● use dream catcher to start lucid dreaming

Our mission:

We are small indie studio, our mission assumes:
always create rich narrative background and focus on the story
be independent when you create episode games
create the best free games as well as premium game you can
no more worthless girl games and horror games, create the best quality only
story games are our passion
Make storyline games without compromise

Launch your story mode, join our surreal world of Lucid Dream and help little Lucy!



More Information

Dali Games: adventure point and click fairy tales
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Android 4.1
Released on
1 April 2019
Updated on
19 April 2019

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Lucid Dream Adventure - Story Point & Click Game 1.0.5 APK

Released on: 24 April 2019
Version: 1.0.5 (1000005)
APK File size: 100.17 MB
Requires Android: Android 4.1+ Jelly Bean (API 16)
Targeted Android: Android 8.0+ Oreo (API 26)
Fingerprint SHA-1: d21369f5abe43f425284ab7a534ffc5694b5be07
Fingerprint SHA-256: 21de86c9fc6741d90400173c8b9a871f30e9035a491c23dd6fb976ddb81aeb68
File SHA-1: 8ccc164ce0ad21f558fdfdc38430c957eb84e7c6


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