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Talk to our trusted doctor and buy medicine simply with Halodoc.


As one of the fastest-growing health app in Indonesia, you have no reason to not download and use this sophisticated app to your smartphone. Through this app, you can easily chat with general practitioners and specialist, buy medicine, or even do the lab test in no time. Simple yet easy, you also do not have to waste your time to wait in line. #UseHalodoc right now!

✓ Bicara dengan Dokter (Talk to a Doctor) :

We never exactly know when health issue comes. But don't worry because you can Talk to a doctor online using Halodoc app, anytime and anywhere! Don't ever hesitate to ask our IDI-registered general practitioners and specialists via chat, voice/video call 24 hours non-stop
With Halodoc, you also can get FREE promos to contact doctors online.

✓ Beli Obat (Buy Medicines) :

Now, one of your wishes is just coming true! Forget the old way of buying medicines and buy all your medicine or other healthcare needs using Halodoc! In less than an hour, your order will be delivered to you! Our products are original and guaranteed. They also sealed and will safely deliver to you. Halodoc's service is available 24/7 and the good news it's FREE DELIVERY.

✓ Pemeriksaan Lab (Get a Lab Checkup):

As a tightly-scheduled millennial, we know you never have time to go to a hospital for lab test. But now, you can wait and do the lab service in your place because Halodoc's lab officer will come to your place. Without the hassle, the result will also available on Halodoc app! And if you need a further explanation, you can easily ask the doctor within the app. So, what are you waiting for? Head up to Halodoc app to enjoy this Lab Service!

✓ Artikel Kesehatan (Health Article)

Did you have suspicious symptoms of a disease? Solve your curiosity by reading all the latest and complete articles about heatlhcare through Halodoc. With this app, you can read anything from medical information, suggested medicine, healthy lifestyle, parenting tips and many more for free only on Halodoc!



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Android 4.4
Released on
11 March 2016
Updated on
27 April 2019

What's New

Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs v4.701 Update

Squashed some bugs
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Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs Latest Version


31.57 MB

Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs 4.701 APK

Released on: 28 April 2019
Version: 4.701 (1071)
APK File size: 31.57 MB
Requires Android: Android 4.4+ Kitkat (API 19)
Targeted Android: Android 9+ Pie (API 28)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 0f0d21c5837ca5ecf4d5d99277bf720786cab877
Fingerprint SHA-256: 62f33ace5b088b91c31cd83471707f506f445327ba9e92f52c557c6afeebea4b
File SHA-1: 83ed8d6cd380d436c26fdfe229ae96d4abfd75d0

Previous Versions


31.12 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.601 APK
Released on: 12 April 2019


28.69 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.501 APK
Released on: 28 March 2019


31.71 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.400 APK
Released on: 14 March 2019


31.29 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.300 APK
Released on: 21 February 2019


31.27 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.200 APK
Released on: 6 February 2019


29.79 MB
Halodoc - Doctors, Medicine & Labs V4.100 APK
Released on: 18 January 2019


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