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Free horoscope - Zodiac Signs & Palmistry

Free horoscope - Zodiac Signs & Palmistry is a free horoscope app .


With Free horoscope - Zodiac Signs & Palmistry, you can discover what the future holds for you. Get an insight on what to expect for love, career, health and fortune for today, tomorrow, the month or in 2019. You can also read you palm and check your daily lucky color & number. Follow your zodiac sign and predict horoscopes of your friends and family.

Highlights of Free horoscope for Android:
Palmistry: Analyze your character, marriage, occupation, health and fortune through fingerprints. So amazing!
Daily Horoscope: A comprehensive analysis of your daily horoscope, helping you understand the daily, weekly, and monthly fortune changes of the 12 horoscopes.
Answer book: Know your insight secret through the answer book. Here is the answer you want!
Horoscope character: Detailed analysis of the character, love, and career of the 12 horoscopes, let you become a horoscope expert!
Horoscope love Compatibility: Calculate the love index between you and your lover, psychoanalysis, paired interpretation.
Zodiac signs: Analyze your character, love and career through the perspective of the zodiac.
Psychological test: rich psychological test, decrypt your inner world!
Detailed astrological predictions available for all of the horoscope zodiac signs including:
♈ Aries  
♉ Taurus  
♊ Gemini  
♋ Cancer 
♌ Leo  
♍ Virgo  
♎ Libra  
♏ Scorpio  
♐ Sagittarius  
♑ Capricorn  
♒ Aquarius  
♓ Pisces

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19 February 2019
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6 March 2019

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