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Get paid just for using your phone!


Install Embee Meter CX and get Paid

How does it work?

After you click "Join Now" and turn on the Meter, you automatically earn “Meter Points” every day just for using your phone normally.

Within only a few days, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for cash through Paypal, Gift Cards or Mobile Airtime (Depending on country).

That's it! There's no ads. No videos to watch. Nothing to click on.

The app does exactly what it says. You get paid cash just for using your phone. The longer you leave the app installed, the more money you earn.

Its that easy.

If you want more information, feel free to visit our website to view the privacy policy and learn more.

This app uses Accessibility services.

Accessibility Services are used for the purpose of collecting market research information on the websites and apps that our users visit and use. All information is maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This enables people, who might not be willing or able to participate in surveys or other forms of market research, to easily, safely and anonymously be compensated for having their needs, preferences and voices heard by companies that provide the products and services that people use and rely on every day.

Accessibility Services Declared:
* Monitor your actions -- We use this to know what apps you use and what websites you go to.
* Retrieve window content -- We use this to know what websites you go to.


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Embee Mobile
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Android 4.0.3
Updated on
14 March 2019

What's New

Embee Meter CX v1.5.2 Update

We've made a few improvements in 1.5.2.

Thanks for using the Embee Meter CX :)

Embee Meter CX Latest Version


13.78 MB

Embee Meter CX 1.5.2 APK

Released on: 16 January 2019
Version: 1.5.2 (113)
APK File size: 13.78 MB
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ Ice Cream Sandwich (API 15)
Targeted Android: Android 9+ Pie (API 28)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 8e8b33e5b85bbf04cb1646f57353565364fbe02d
Fingerprint SHA-256: 5e1e47ac95cdca8e7133761b13e0bfa1edb5d84a22eba162e12bd43e81cf5441
File SHA-1: 5dc79c1b7acc0286cf19a05244ae0ce998ddae15

Previous Versions


12.96 MB
Embee Meter CX V1.4.11 APK
Released on: 21 August 2018


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