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dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space

dfndr performance improves your device's memory, battery life & storage space.


dfndr performance is a top-rated all-in-one performance optimization and cleaning app dedicated to keeping your smartphone in its best shape.
It’s packed with powerful clean and boost features including:

• Quick Cleaner
• Scheduled Cleaner
• Deep Cleaner
• Power Saver
• WhatsApp Cleaner
• Messenger Cleaner
• Duplicate Photos Cleaner
• Downloads Cleaner
• Call Log Cleaner
• Advanced Cache Cleaner
• Applock
• Internet Accelerator
• Performance Assistant

✂️Quick Cleaner and Scheduled Cleaner ✂️
A quick phone cleaner tool that gets rid of cache and junk files with a single click. Schedule regular reminders to continue to clean your phone and keeping it junk- and clutter-free.

🔔Notification Cleaner🔔
Control which notifications are sent to your “do not disturb” list and have the ability to view and clean junk notifications with one touch.

🖼Deep Cleaner🖼
Go one step beyond Quick Cleaner and use Deep Cleaner to give your phone a more thorough cleaning.

🔋 Power Saver 🔋
Optimize your phone’s memory by automatically closing background apps to extend battery life. You can select apps to remain open after each boost.

Give the apps on your phone an extra layer of protection with passcodes and fingerprint scan technology.

🚀Speed Booster🚀
Free up RAM and speed up memory by automatically closing apps that run in the background.

💬WhatsApp & Messenger Cleaner💬
dfndr performance offers dedicated cleaners for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Optimize phone storage by eliminating unwanted videos, audio, GIFs and images shared in these popular apps. Easily select and delete specific files to make space for files you really care about.

🖼Duplicate Photos Cleaner🖼
Intelligently identifies duplicate shots in your gallery and helps you to remove them.

📂Downloads Cleaner📂
Cleaning your Download folder is one of the best ways to give your phone cleaner and faster performance. Easily select and eliminate files to optimize storage.

📞Call Log Cleaner📞
dfndr performance clears your call history with one touch.

🚀Advanced Cache Cleaner🚀
dfndr performance gives your phone an even more thorough, deep clean.

📶Internet Accelerator📶
This phone cleaner also improves slow internet connections! Internet Accelerator helps boost speed and improve your connection by finding and closing apps that are competing for bandwidth.

🔔Performance Assistant🔔
Performance Assistant informs you when apps are running in the background so you can improve performance and boost speed.

Easily access key functions of dfndr performance directly from your lockscreen using the Shortcut Widget and perform optimization features with one touch.

✨Go Ad-Free✨
You can also enjoy dfndr performance and all of its features without any ads! See in app for details.

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More Information

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Android 5.0
Released on
6 October 2017
Updated on
3 February 2019

dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space Latest Version


15.39 MB

dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space 2.15.2 APK

Released on: 4 February 2019
Version: 2.15.2 (21502)
APK File size: 15.39 MB
Requires Android: Android 5.0+ Lollipop (API 21)
Targeted Android: Android 9+ Pie (API 28)
Fingerprint SHA-1: e7c231874622e1174451874ebb4c9d9339aebba5
Fingerprint SHA-256: 35c211d77bb820f6c4859ae36e9c8dbd7fc23e7b1157f9a734e6a4c2c6614feb
File SHA-1: 18288b7c6bcc8b099a5ec7769c00447d2a965b31

Previous Versions


14.94 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.14.9 APK
Released on: 21 January 2019


14.94 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.14.8 APK
Released on: 18 January 2019


14.93 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.14.7 APK
Released on: 16 January 2019


14.86 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.14.6 APK
Released on: 20 December 2018


14.86 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.14.3 APK
Released on: 18 December 2018


14.01 MB
dfndr performance: clean, boost, speed & space V2.13.7 APK
Released on: 5 December 2018


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