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Automatic IV Calculation + Encounter IV Scan + Raid Counter + Nickname Generator


• Reads IV, Move-Ratings, and Appraisal savely from the screen.
• Encounter Scan: See the IV of any monster before you even throw a ball.

• Raid and Gym Counter: Shows your perfect counters vs a Raid Boss – includes Weather buffs and Breakpoints.
• Renaming: Copy an adjustable Nickname (e.g. with Type Symbols and calculated values).
• Gym Badge Progress Reader.
• Save, compare, and export all your scans.

• No risk of a ban: There is no login and no interaction with other applications.
• Power-saving: Only takes a screenshot when you instruct it to.
• No need to leave the game while using Calcy IV.
• Fully customizable outputs.
• Can be used in every language except Traditionally Chinese.

Calcy IV helps you to decide what IV (hidden values) a monster has and how strong it really is. This is now possible before you even caught the monster.

Calcy IV also calculates the DPS and the performance of your attack-moves. Additionally, by tapping the button while your team leader gives his appraisal, Calcy automatically reads the appraisal to refine the IV range.

By pressing the overlay button a bit longer and tapping the green raid boss symbol, you enter Calcy's raid simulator. Here, Calcy tells you for every raid boss what the best team of all your monsters is and whether you can beat the boss.
This calculation includes weather buffs and all "Breakpoints" of your monsters (i.e. the next level where the damage of the monster significantly increases).

If you wish, Calcy generates a nickname (based on many adjustable blocks containing e.g. IV, move types, DPS, and other stats) and copies it to your clipboard. Now you can easily insert it in the game.


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Android 5.0
Released on
19 August 2016
Updated on
10 April 2019

What's New

Calcy IV v2.65f Update

• 2.65f: Increased possible counters to 24, CD timer
• 2.65a-e: New bosses and moves, new UI
• New: Scan the power up screen to refine
• Better handling of monsters that display old stats
• Moves and evolution for the new event

Calcy IV Latest Version


15.38 MB

Calcy IV 2.65f APK

Released on: 11 April 2019
Version: 2.65f (26580)
APK File size: 15.38 MB
Requires Android: Android 5.0+ Lollipop (API 21)
Targeted Android: Android 8.1+ Oreo (API 27)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 586bd6ba4678537e9d72db1ed62d1660ea0e382c
Fingerprint SHA-256: c74bbd02e4d63968a99d5bd39780b0d896d56387f19ca27bcbbe59dc6912a5aa
File SHA-1: 31f660bc490ef1c4a146c48f6836ea070aa79ae5

Previous Versions


15.32 MB
Calcy IV V2.65c APK
Released on: 4 March 2019


15.32 MB
Calcy IV V2.65b APK
Released on: 27 February 2019


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