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  • v3.45.11 For Android
  • Lifecell Ventures Cooperatif U.A
  • Communication
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BiP is a communication client with entertaining content, voice and video calls.


BiP is a communication application that is even more beautiful than the GSM operator and used by the whole world. Why? Because, BiP has many functions for everyone to use.

You send unlimited text, send photos and videos, and share locations with your friends. You talk to your loved ones all at once with the groups you are able to create. You have friends who do not have BiP? Do not worry! Here, there is also sending free SMSs and MMSs. How’s that, isn’t it fantastic?

For example Video and Audio Call is one of them. In BiP you have a really good video and audio call experience. You talk to all your friends and your family who have BiP with an amazing audio and video that is as smooth as glass, besides, it is free of charge.

You can even say “hello” to your friends who are not in BiP. You call all mobile phone lines and landlines day or night. How? You make Calls to All Directions in BiP. What is calls to all directions? For example, you are in Germany. You want to call a relative who does not have BiP. This call occurs as if you are in Turkey and you do not pay any additional charges. How’s that? Super.

In BiP you mutually follow each other with Follow. Not only one location, but also as long as you give permission, you can share your instant location and you know where your loved ones are. That is good too.

Moreover, there is Explore in BiP. BiP Explore gathers all the transactions it makes over various channels in one space. While making your life easier, it offers you entertaining contents. For example; you can follow sports, tabloid, news channels, and you can benefit from services like online check-in, money transfer and customer services.

There is also a Translator in BiP. BiP Translator makes both written and verbal translations from any language, to any language you want. Therefore you do not feel like a stranger in circles

In BiP, there is Smart Fax where the people who send many faxes do not have any hassle. Just think that you are able to send faxes outside the office as well. It is really good.

There is Disappearing Message in BiP. You send your message safely, and your message disappears within a time period you determine. When you understand that it is such a good function, you will say it is such a good function.

Thus, BiP is an application like this. This is BiP enthusiasm.


More Information

Lifecell Ventures Cooperatif U.A
Get it on Google Play
Android 4.1
Released on
4 November 2013
Updated on
8 March 2019

What's New

BiP Messenger v3.45.11 Update

- With improved seamless instant translation function, you can communicate all over the world in 65 languages.
- Manage your all messaging in one place. With the option to separate your service messages, you can view your all chats in a new tab including your SMS.
- With pass-code, touch id support, you can increase your level of security in just a second. No one can access your messages even your phone is unlocked.
- Added French, Portuguese and Dutch language support.

BiP Messenger Latest Version


55.03 MB

BiP Messenger 3.45.11 APK

Released on: 7 March 2019
Version: 3.45.11 (1419)
APK File size: 55.03 MB
Requires Android: Android 4.1+ Jelly Bean (API 16)
Targeted Android: Android 8.0+ Oreo (API 26)
Fingerprint SHA-1: b540a36f9a50d3941020f1b171b9347f6faf3855
Fingerprint SHA-256: 9bde4c407ac622938fcd7c3f310d9e70b66c3ddbcfb1dea437007db01d80d98b
File SHA-1: 9dc6b8b8b24dfa6c35c81178cfc8b7e1a84038e0

Previous Versions


53.15 MB
BiP Messenger V3.44.13 APK
Released on: 15 February 2019


52.64 MB
BiP Messenger V3.43.10 APK
Released on: 22 January 2019


52.64 MB
BiP Messenger V3.42.15 APK
Released on: 31 December 2018


54.46 MB
BiP Messenger V3.41.7 APK
Released on: 4 December 2018


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