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  • v1.0.58.2000 For Android
  • Oz Team
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Best in-game companion


Bigfoot is a great in-game companion that provides assistance in real-time. The in-game resource map helps you find the best equipment. Mini map marker HUD helps you detect and find enemies as fast as possible.

Mini map marker HUD - Alert-- Bigfoot tells you the locations of enemies.
Mini map marker HUD detect enemy’s footsteps or gunshots nearby, and tells you right away to help you find them as soon as possible.

Resource Map- Bigfoot helps you find the best drop area with the best resource.
When you open your in-game mini map, you will find marked spots. The red spots are the best place to find eight times scope, level 3 helmet and vests, and 98k. Land on these spots and get the best equipment, it will increase your chance of winning significantly.
Resource Map- Know the best place to find vehicles.
Bigfoot will tell you where to find the fixed vehicle spots. Open mini map, the purple spots identify the fixed vehicle locations, then use the vehicle you find to get to a safe area.

Unique in-game recording function- Bigfoot records your gaming footage.
Record your game play, specially designed for mobile games, it will record smooth and clear videos, help you relive the your game's best moments.


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Oz Team
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Android 5.0
Released on
16 January 2019
Updated on
1 February 2019

What's New

Bigfoot v1.0.58.2000 Update

Bigfoot, bug fixed

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38.52 MB

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Released on: 13 February 2019
Version: (100100058)
APK File size: 38.52 MB
Requires Android: Android 5.0+ Lollipop (API 21)
Targeted Android: Android 8.1+ Oreo (API 27)
Fingerprint SHA-1: f2139a2eb3fdd9b122e41d46307571d5d4a7ed15
Fingerprint SHA-256: d8f280d34c9279235b51816dc519cd6fcbc33ac441c5abe3cd7e2120f0ca6c0e
File SHA-1: 468bef74980cbbbe81d7216202c20d00a54365ed


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