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Google's platform for building augmented reality experiences.


ARCore is Google's platform for building augmented reality experiences.
Install the app and unlock new ways to shop, learn, create and experience the world together.
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Google LLC
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Android 7.0
Released on
11 December 2017
Updated on
28 March 2019

What's New

ARCore by Google v1.8.190311076 Update

• Improved performance and battery life.
• Reduced memory utilization.

ARCore by Google Latest Version


25.78 MB

ARCore by Google 1.8.190311076 APK

Released on: 29 March 2019
Version: 1.8.190311076 (190311076)
APK File size: 25.78 MB
Requires Android: Android 7.0+ Nougat (API 24)
Targeted Android: Android 9+ Pie (API 28)
Fingerprint SHA-1: 9fa50d00b0f4bdaa5d8f371bea982fb598b7e697
Fingerprint SHA-256: 6e913f65ea53321ead6932ff777e1b7f94bbba7e2b0dafdd8494b100101e3797
File SHA-1: da1265f4e3ce334d0add3fac20fea62aec2c44aa

Previous Versions


25.16 MB
ARCore by Google V1.7.190128146 APK
Released on: 28 February 2019


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